Coup du Japon International UCI-3 Myoko Stage出展案内 2019/07/05 (Sun)
Coupe du Japon Myoko Stage 出展エントリーフォーム
Sponsor Booth Entory form

(A)企業様ブース (4×6m) 1ブース30,000円(税別) 2ブース50,000円(税別)
(B)ショップチームテント(4×6m) 1ブース15,000円(税別)


Sponsor ’s Guide
■ Application for exhibitors is until August 31 at

(A) Company-type booth (4 x 6m); one booth 30,000 yen (excluding tax) two booths 50,000 yen (excluding tax)

Each booth includes gondola ticket for personnel (not for actual players) / plus free parking pass for one car per booth. Also includes free pass for rollers and transport services to the starting point.
(Exhibition, sales and advertising activities permitted.)

(B) Shop team tent (4 x 6m); one booth 15,000 yen (excluding tax)
Free parking pass for one car per one booth included.
(Exhibition, sales and advertising activities permitted.)

*Professional teams, premier teams and company teams please apply for (A) above.

(B) Private team tent (4 x 6m); one booth 5,000 yen (excluding
tax) but sales and display prohibited.

■ How to apply:
Registration should be made only at , and unacceptable except via this mail address.

Please specify the exhibitor's name, reply e-mail address, and company address, Tel number, exhibition type (A, B or C) and number of persons.
A bill for payment will be enclosed in the exhibition guide.

CJ2 妙高 リザルト 2019/06/23 (Sun)

Coupe du Japon International CJ-U3 Myoko Suginohara Stage 2019/05/29 (Sun)
The pamphlet and the details of the Myoko convention were Japanese and announced in English.

Event ページリニューアルしました。 2019/05/14 (Sun)

Coupe du Japon びわ湖高島 Stage リザルトです 2019/05/05 (Sun)

更新しました 2019/04/01 (Mon)