Japan Super Masters Games 2019/01/24 (Sun)
■ World Masters Games 2019 Kansai (hereinafter WMG) will hosting its MTB competition from 20th to 23rd May 2021 at the WMG venue in Yubune, Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto.

This is in the beautiful countryside of the Kyoto cultural heritage place surrounded by tea gardens, where the famous Uji tea is produced, and is about one hour in access from Kyoto city.

Sports competitions are the UCI event XCO (Cross Country Olympics), along with other XCM (Cross-Country Marathon) and Team R (Team Race) events.

Players can enter from all over the world, and we also plan to set up a roster for overseas athletes (100 people per one category) giving priority to overseas participants within the capacity (national delegated players have priority).

WMG is held once every four years in the year after the Olympic Games.

Entry qualifications are given to competition organizations and to athletes who have been allowed participation before at the venue.

World licensed UCI and athletes without any competitor registration in other countries can participate with temporary registration given but limited to this competition.

This concludes explanation of the WMG MTB competition, and below are the rules for the 2019 Japan series.

■ The Japan Super Masters Games series started in March 2018 being final every year, and in March, 2021 will be the conclusion of season 1.

Everyone can participate in this tournament even if they have no previous competition registration. Moreover, if you declare now to join the 2021 Masters, even elite registrants in the current year can enter this series.

Those who do not have competition registration, please register as a temporary athlete on the day of the Japan Super Masters tournament.

Anyone who is interested in this event can likely attend.

Approval is permitted according to the Racing Rules Manual and taking a trial run.

The participation and age categories are:

Masters 30-39 (C-1mw)
@Men & A Women
Masters 40-49 (C-2mw) 
AMen & C Women
Masters 50-59 (C-3mw)
DMen & E Women
Masters 60-69 (C-4mw)
FMen & G Women
Masters 70 over (C-5mw)
HMan & I Woman
Awards and series points:

The winner of each category is awarded a crystal trophy every time. We will award a champions jersey to the yearly champion.

Awards are given up to 3rd prize. Players from categories 1 to 8 can also win series points as follows:

1st place 25 points
2nd place 15 points
3rd place 10 points
4th place 7 points
5th place 5 points
6th place 3 points
7th place 2 points
8th place 1 point

The season’s final race awards 1.5 times points.

An annual ranking will be decided by the total points of the top 4 races of each season, plus by the 3 races of the memorial tournaments.

Competitors who participate in this event are registered in the list to be given priority for participation in the 2021 WMG.

Also the season champion secures the right to acquire a front row starting berth to participate in the WMG.

Entries from the Facebook:

You can make entry from the web for the Japan Super Masters Game MTB.

Please pay the participation fee for overseas players to the tournament reception. If you have any questions, please send them to us through Facebook.

Special sponsorship: Marui Co., Ltd., and Topeak


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